Frequently Asked Questions about the Milton Keynes Mini Concrete Cows and other MK Cows products

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Milton Keynes Souvenirs and Mini Concrete Cows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q - Are they really made of concrete?

Yes they are. The same sort of concrete you would use in general building, although a little finer so that the details of the mould are reproduced.

Q - Can I choose how they are painted?

The standard cow is be painted black and white. You can also order a small range of other standard colours (black, pink and gold). Bespoke cows with custom paintwork are also available.

Q - How big are they?

There are currently three sizes of mini concrete cow.
Read further for full size and weight details of the Mini Concrete Cows.

Q - What type of paint is used?

Exterior grade masonry paint is used to paint the cows.

Q - When I buy one, how do I get it?

The cows are packed in shock-resistant packaging and sent through the post or delivered by our delivery team.

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