About MK Cows - the creator of the Mini Concrete Cows and other MK Cows products

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About MK Cows - the creator of the Mini Concrete Cows

About MK Cows

The concrete cows in Milton Keynes have always been somewhat of a fascination to visitors and commentators alike. Some people cannot believe that they exist and others find it hard to understand why they do. Whatever is said about them, there continues to be an interest that makes people smile.

During 2007 a local Milton Keynes scout group set about to make 100 smaller concrete cows to sell as a fund raising project for the 100 year anniversary of scouting. A local designer created these mini cow models and the scouts helped to paint them. When finished they had 100 mini concrete cows complete with scout necker scarves and individual number cards. The MK COWS website was created as a vehicle for selling the cows, advertising and various sponsors helped with the promotion of the project. The cows went on sale on 1st October and were a resounding success. The scouts sold all their cows and raised significant funds. Each cow is made from real concrete and this first 100 were sold from between 10 and 100 each.

The population of Milton Keynes have showed continued interest in these little cows and so CMK Ltd has decided to continue the development of the Mini Concrete Cow brand and product range.

Each cow continues to be made with real concrete and hand painted and they all come with a unique serial number. These are works of art, collector's pieces as well as being a bit of a curiosity.

One of the natural relationships we have made is with the local football club the MK Dons. Their mascots are cows and so it was easy to see the connection between the club and the MK COWS. During the production of the first 100 special scout edition cows a number were painted with the MK Dons logo painted on their backs. These were some of the most popular to be sold.

Of the first 100 cows, some have travelled far and wide ending up in Australia, USA and Scotland.

We are pleased to produce these concrete sculptures to represent, in a fun way, some of the feeling and excitement of Milton Keynes.

In this same spirit we were excited to produce a special edition mini concrete cow for the royal visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh when they visited to officially open the Stadium MK on Thursday 29 November 2007. This is cow number 101 and has the MK Dons logo painted on it's back.

As this story continues we look forward to many exciting tales of the Milton Keynes Mini Concrete Cows.

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