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History of the Real Milton Keynes Concrete Cows

Milton Keynes has become famous if not infamous for the concrete cows that live in a field in Bancroft. Like much of the New City the concrete cows have now acquired a history of their own.
They were made by Liz Leyh, a Canadian born artist/sculpt at Stacey Hill Farm, now the home of Milton Keynes Museum, when the farmhouse was used by various artists and writers in residence who were employed by Milton Keynes Development Corporation.
During their lifetime the cows have lead a rather adventurous lifestyle, kidnapped and held to ransom on occasion, placed in somewhat compromising poses, not to mention the occasional wanton vandalism and periodic repainting. They have often featured as headline news to the national media, keen to brand the city with a rather quirky image. Today they graze in peace close to the place of their birth, in relative anonymity apart from the occasional glance from the passing motorists.
Over the years a number of unfortunate things have happened to the cows, they have been stolen, had 'pyjamas' painted on them, BSE graffiti and Lesley has even had to rebuild them after they were beheaded.
The cows continue to be visited by dog walkers and passers by and attract the constant amount of attention they deserve. It seems that all children that visit cannot resist climbing on these lovable friends to Milton Keynes.

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