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Milton Keynes Souvenirs and Mini Concrete Cows

Mini Concrete Cow - Medium (Standard)

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Medium Mini Concrete Cow

The Medium Mini Concrete Cow is a hand crafted work of art.

  • Hand cast in real concrete, then hand painted with masonry paint.
  • Made in Milton Keynes.
  • Perfect gift for friends & family that live or have lived in Milton Keynes.
  • A unique souvenir for a visit to Milton Keynes.
  • Each model is individually numbered with an owner certificate.
  • Packaged in shock-resistant material to facilitate safe delivery and boxed in a printed carton (shown below, not to scale).

Packaging for the size 2 Mini Concrete Cow

How big are these Mini Concrete Cows?

Please make reference to the Information page showing the size and weight of the Mini Concrete Cows.

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