Born in Milton Keynes mini Mugs - from the home of the Mini Concrete Cows from Milton Keynes
Mini Concrete Cows that are 100% Concrete, Hand Made and Painted.
Order a Miniature Model Concrete Cow online TODAY for you or a friend!

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Born in Milton Keynes Mugs as Souvenirs and Mini Concrete Cows

Milton Keynes Concrete Cow Coasters

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Milton Keynes Concrete Cows Coaster

No coffe table or desk in Milton Keynes is complete without a set of Milton Keynes Concrete Cows Coasters. Each coaster displays a current photograph of one of the six Concrete Cows that quietly graze in Bancroft, Milton Keynes. Either buy a single coaster or a set of all size of the concrete cows coasters.

Each coaster is 90mm x 90mm with cork backing.

MKCS01 - Price: 2.95 each (plus P&P)

MKCS02 - Price: 14.95 for a set of 6 (plus P&P)

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