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Need Ideas for Special Milton Keynes Gifts and Souvenirs?

We are pleased to share our series of special Milton Keynes souvenir products. Choose from our range of unique Milton Keynes gifts. Items include the children's size, Mini 'Born in Milton Keynes' Mugs, MK Cows Lapel and Tie Pins, along with the creative Map of Milton Keynes in the style of the London Underground map (available as A5 postcoards and A2 posters).

Cow Owner t-shirt

Special Edition t-shirt now available.

The new Cow Owner t-shirt

To celebrate the last 6 years of the Milton Keynes Mini Concrete Cows we have produced a limited number of Mini Concrete Cow Owner t-shirts. There is still time to order one before Christmas. Click to see more details.

Painted RedBull Cow

A Mini Concrete Cow owner in Australia has painted their cow to look like a RedBull mascot!

Special edition Mini Concrete Cow painted with the RedBull logo all over it

A medium size Mini Concrete Cow registered in Australia has had a fantastic paint job done by its owner. It's official name is 'Roslyn the Red Bull Racing Cow' and you can see why. Well done...

'Skeleton Cow' on eBay

Special edition Mini Concrete Cow painted like a skeleton to be sold on eBay

Special edition Mini Concrete Cow painted to look like a skeleton and sold on eBay.

A Special Edition Mini Concrete Cow has been painted to accompany the new paint job on the real Concrete Cows. This is a medium size cow. This cow was placed on ebay with an auction set to conclude late at night on 31st October 2012 (Halloween).

HM Queen Elizabeth II receives a Mini Concrete Cow

The Queen is given a Mini Concrete Cow as she opens the Mk Dons Stadium MK.

The Queen is given a Mini Concrete Cow as she opens the Mk Dons Stadium MK.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh were presented with a special edition mini concrete cow when they visited Milton Keynes to open the new Stadium MK on Thursday 29 November 2007.

The size 2 mini concrete cow was specialy prepared with the MK Dons logo painted on it's back and packed in a commemorative box. The Queen now owns Mini Concrete Cow number 101.

Happy Easter from the Mini Concrete Cows!

To celebrate Easter and show the newest Mini Concrete Cow, we have painted a Cadbury's Cream Egg cow.

Happy Easter from the Mini Concrete Cows!

We are very pleased to annouce that as of Monday 31st March 2008 you will be able to buy more of the Original Milton Keynes Mini Concrete Cows. They will be available in two sizes - large (size 1) and medium (size 2).

Our special edition Easter cow, shown to the right, illustrates just how big (or small) this new size 2 cow is. The standard cow comes painted in black and white and there will be other special edition cows made available.

To get more details of these new products please visit the website www.mkcows.com over the next week.

It is now six months since the first Mini Concrete Cows were available and we are grateful for the continued interest from people across Milton Keynes as well as further afield too.

Keep up to date...

For details on our new products and news from MK Cows simply add your name and email address to our contact database and we will keep you posted.



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First Cow Registered in China

Today we had our first Mini Concrete Cow registered in China.

The first Mini Concrete Cow to be registered in China

Today a Mini Concrete Cow named Sheldon was registered on the MK Cows website. She was registered in Shenzhen, China by her owner who is a school teacher there. She has done some travelled around China and now sits on the teachers desk in school.

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